Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We're all going on a summer holiday....

Were all going on a summer holiday, fun and laughter on our summer holiday ………

 Isnt it your turn to look after the children?,
All I wanted to do was lay down and read a book,
Am I expected to have sex every night?
I want to go for long walks, cycling and you just want to laze around.
Im exhausted
 Im on my own with the children and lonely ..

Does any of that sound familiar or are these things you worry about?   Holidays are meant to be a time to relax, to have fun, a chance to finally spend some quality time, to check in with each other.  Holidays have a lot to live up to and we can pack our expectations into the suitcase next to the beach towels without thinking about their weight as we check in or find the suitcase does not fit in the boot of the car.

TOP TIPS for reducing holiday stress

   Talk with your family about what you each hope from the holiday.   Find out what each of you would like to do and how you can each support each other in achieving this.  Listen to each other, dont talk over each other and value each persons contribution.
   Allow time for yourself and ask your partner for help to achieve this.  Maybe you can negotiate rest times with your children!  Remember to do things you enjoy.
   If your holidays have become built on commitments and traditions, think about which one remain important to you and each other.  Its ok to re-evaluate past traditions and maybe drop some to introduce new ones..
   Dont plan too much.  Allow time to relax with each other.
   If you are visiting family be clear about your commitments and the time you will spend with them so you are not struggling against their expectations.
   Have fun when you are talking about your holiday. Ask the children to draw how they would like the holiday to be, talk over cocktails, wear a sombrero.  Create joy together.

Its not about creating a perfect holiday because Life isnt perfect, and holidays are part of life. Embrace their imperfections.

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